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Apemax Buy or Sell after Listing?

Apemax Buy or Sell after Listing?

Apemax Presale Update

  • The ApeMax Presale has now officially closed and it is expected to launch on Uniswap soon.
  • Token Symbol: APEMAX
  • Contract Address: 0x5bd97d0c8e668298f2a6baa069f47f556a447a78
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Current Apemax Price: 0.00041838
  • Average price for Purchase: $0.000200
  • Apemax has sold 10.6/ 20 Billion ApeMax tokens to date.
  • Apemax Coin has raised over $2.2M so far during the presale period.
  • Apemax provided with a guide for how to trade on Uniswap.

Latest ApeMax Presale News

  • As per BSCSCAN, there are approximately 11,131 Holders of Apemax. Retail investors (excluding the top 100) own about 450k tokens each. As per BscScan, a total of 85,236 ApeMax transactions have been found.
  • A liquidity pool has been established by ApeMax on Uniswap V2 with approximately $130,000 worth of cryptocurrency on each side, totaling around $260,000 worth of liquidity.
  • ApeMax is notifying users that if they haven’t received a transfer hash message, their tokens haven’t been transferred and they will retain the ability to transfer them after the launch.
  • ApeMax announces that now ApeMax can be purchased by sending supported cryptocurrencies to the ENS domain buyapemax.eth. The supported cryptos include Ethereum, BNB (BSC), BUSD (BSC), USDT (ERC20), USDC (ERC20), and Polygon/Matic. Once sent, it should take approximately 2 minutes to reflect in the buyer’s wallet, with a reminder to import the contract/custom token for visibility.
  • Uniswap supports the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), enabling direct token trading.
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Source: Apemax Telegram Group

Social Media Buzz: Very Low (Trending Lower) (Apemax)

Social Media Sentiments

  • Last 7 days: +10.4%
  • Yesterday: +47.6%
  • Today: +NA%

Apemax Buy or Sell after Listing?

=Buy-Sell %

  • Aug 31st: +27.2%
  • Dec 8th: +21.3%
  • Jan 5th: +14.0%
  • Jan 22nd: +5.0%
  • Feb 2nd: +5.0%
  • Feb 12th: +0.0%
  • Feb 14th: +13.8%
  • Feb 16th: +13.3%
  • Feb 19th: +13.6%
  • Feb 21st: +12.8%
  • Feb 22nd: +12.4%
  • Feb 23rd: +12.3%

Apemax Price Prediction: Is Apemax Crypto Legit?

“Smart Contract Security Analysis” report prepared by Saulidity for ApeMax. Key points from the report:

  1. Audit Summary: The audit found 1 medium severity issue and 2 low severity issues. No critical or high-severity issues were found. All issues found were reviewed, and false positives were eliminated.
  2. Issues Identified:
  • The process of upgrading the contract can introduce new vulnerabilities or flaws that were not present in the original code.
  • The owner has control over several functions which could potentially centralize control and introduce security risks.
  • Weak Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) due to a modulo on block.timestamp, block.number, now, or blockhash.

3. KYC – Done

Disclaimer: The report is based on the information provided by the audited party and facts that existed before the audit.

Latest Apemax Staking News

  • Metamask Swap: 527.2M
  • Starknet: 186.1M
  • Uniswap V3: 236.6M
  • Optimism: 152.3M
  • Pancake Swap V3: 144.2M

Apemax Price Prediction: Is Apemax a Good Investment?

ApeMax is a type of MemeCoin with Staking as the central proposition. ApeMax’s staking mechanism, called boosting, is a mutually beneficial arrangement for both stakers and the things they stake on. It offers a fresh opportunity to earn free ApeMax coins while showing support for projects, individuals, and things that stakers genuinely care about and believe in.

  • ApeMax offers a unique staking system where users can earn passively by staking on their favorite creators, influencers, hot new crypto projects, or anything else they believe in
  • This system referred to as “boosting”, benefits both the stakers and the entities being staked on, providing a new way to earn free ApeMax coins while supporting the projects, people, and things that stakers love and believe in
  • When users boost something with their ApeMax tokens, both the staker and the entity being staked on (Stakable Entity) earn tokens, creating a win-win situation
  • It provides a new way to earn free ApeMax coins while supporting projects, people, and things they love.
  • It aims to disrupt established platforms like Patreon, Kickstarter, and Onlyfans.
  • ApeMax creates a world where staking entities and their fans can earn and generate new passive revenue streams.

ApeMax’s staking system is designed to be user-friendly and accessible from the beginning, even during the pre-sale period. Stakers can start earning free ApeMax tokens immediately. ApeMax is an ERC-20/BEP-20 coin, inheriting the power and security of the Binance Smart Chain.

ApeMax Token Allocation

ApeMax total supply: 1 Trillion ApeMax Tokens

  • Max Liquidity Provision: 6.2%
  • Min Staking Rewards: 61.5%
  • Presale: 30.8%
  • Team: 1.5%

Apemax’s Use Cases

  • ApeMax offers a solution to the limitations of the current economic model for online content consumption.
  • Users can support individuals, organizations, or projects they believe in without spending money through ApeMax’s staking method.
  • ApeMax’s model could revolutionize the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry by offering an alternative to subscription-based platforms.
  • Companies can utilize ApeMax’s staking system to create a new revenue stream through ApeMax rewards, rather than relying on regular subscription fees.

Overall, ApeMax seems to present a poor investment opportunity.

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Apemax’s Roadmap

Phase 1- Planning:

  • The conception of the ApeMax idea.
  • Careful consideration of tokenomics and features.
  • Development of a distinctive brand identity.

Phase 2- Development:

  • Meticulous creation of a robust smart contract.
  • Development of a user-friendly staking interface.
  • Creation of an aesthetically pleasing website and graphics.

Phase 3- Compliance:

  • A thorough audit of the smart contract to ensure security.
  • Publication of the diligently crafted code.
  • Publication of a comprehensive whitepaper.

Phase 4- Pre-Sale:

  • Opening of the staking platform for interested participants.
  • Active presence and engagement on social media platforms.
  • Recognition and coverage in esteemed press outlets.

Phase 5- DEX Launch:

  • Launch on Uniswap.
  • Implementation of updates to enhance the staking protocol.

Apemax Coin Launch Date: September 30th (Source: Coinsniper)

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Apemax Price Prediction: Apemax Staking

With ApeMax, users can begin earning as soon as they make their first purchase. This staking model operates through a decentralized smart contract on the secure Binance Smart Chain.

ApeMax Staking offers various opportunities to stake on popular personalities, DeFi protocols, charities, and more. Whether they follow an influential figure or support a Web3 brand, ApeMax staking benefits both stakers and the entities they support. Users’ stake generates rewards for both them and the entity they choose.

The reward system of ApeMax staking is based on popularity and engagement. The more ApeMax one stakes on a specific entity, the more rewards they and the entity receive. This is especially beneficial for those with large stakes.

Earnings for stakers and projects are distributed through three avenues: Staking Bonuses, Transfer Taxes, and Finders Fees. Each of these aspects adds excitement to the ApeMax staking experience.

Apemax Presale: How to Buy Apemax?

Apemax tokens can be purchased through the official website during the pre-sale period. There are two options available for buying ApeMax:

  1. Using Cryptocurrency: ApeMax can be bought using six different cryptocurrencies, namely Ethereum, USDT, USDC, Polygon/Matic, BNB, and BUSD.
  2. Using a Credit Card: Users who don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet can also purchase ApeMax using their credit card. This option is more convenient for those who don’t already possess a crypto wallet.

Where to Buy Apemax Crypto?

Users can buy Apemax crypto directly from their official website during its presale.

Follow Apemax Twitter Account Here

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~Charu Taneja

Note: The information available on pre-sale cryptocurrencies is often limited, and the above analysis is conducted using the available information gathered at the time. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution and be mindful of the potential risks involved.


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