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Is iPhone 8 still supported?

In fact, the iPhone 8 received the most recent iOS 16.3. 1 update on Feb 13, 2023. However, keep in mind that Apple only supports software updates up to 6 years after the original release of the device, so the iPhone 8 will likely stop receiving updates by 2024.

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How long will iPhone 8 be supported?

After 2023, you likely won’t receive software updates and improvements but might get the phone repaired until it becomes obsolete. The changing timeline is due to product advancements for newer iPhones, which might shorten the official support period, especially in terms of software.

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What year will iPhone 8 be obsolete?

Yes, iPhone 8 is absolutely still worth buying in 2023 — if you’re looking for an affordable iPhone for the basics. Up until April 2020, when Apple stopped selling the iPhone 8, it was the newest iPhone that featured a smaller form factor and a home button.

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Is iPhone 8 still usable?

The iPhone 8 could still be worth buying if you’re an Apple fan and you’re on a very tight budget, but you can’t expect the most up-to-date features or a modern design. You should also bear in mind that 2022 could be the last year this phone will receive new updates.

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What iPhones will stop working in 2023?

The iPhone 6S was introduced in 2015, making it obsolete between 2020 and 2023. The iPhone 7 was introduced in 2016, making it obsolete between 2021 and 2023. The iPhone 8 was introduced in 2017, making it obsolete between 2023 and 2024.

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iPhone 8 – still worth it?


Will iPhone 8 stop working in 2023?

With all the upgraded smartphone tech, you might prefer to buy a more recent iPhone model, but the iPhone 8 is still a perfectly good smartphone in 2023.

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What is the oldest iPhone that is still supported?

As for iOS 15, which arrived in September 2021, all iPhones from iPhone 6s onwards will be supported, just as with iOS 14. iOS 16, which arrived in September 2022 runs on all iPhones from the iPhone 8 onwards – but do note that not all features are available on the older handsets.

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Will iPhone 8 work with 5G?

But iPhone 8 will not be able to use 5G as it does not have a 5G modem in the phone and one cannot be installed. Still, the phone will continue to work on 4G networks just as it does today.

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Should I upgrade my iPhone 8 to iOS 16?

In the case of iOS 15.7. 2, however, the updated software is only available for iPhones that can’t run iOS 16. That means if you have an iPhone 8 or above, you now need to update to iOS 16 if you want your device to remain secure. The release of iOS 16.2 comes alongside a new version of iOS 15, iOS 15.7.

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Is iPhone 8 considered old?

They are the eleventh generation of the iPhone. The iPhone 8 was released on September 22, 2017, succeeding the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus respectively and preceding the iPhone XR. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were discontinued by Apple on April 15, 2020 with the release of the second-generation iPhone SE.

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Will the iPhone 8 last longer than the 7?

Battery. The 7 and 8 have the same claimed battery lives: up to 14 hours talk time, up to 12 hours of internet use and up to 40 hours of wireless audio playback. Our subjective tests support this. The iPhone 8 won’t last days on a single charge, but we’ve found it to last all day with average use.

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How to update iPhone 8?

Update your iPhone or iPad wirelessly

Plug your device into power and connect to the internet with Wi-Fi. Go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update. If you see more than one software update option available, choose the one that you want to install. Tap Install Now.

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Why is my iPhone 8 so slow?

Most of the time when your iPhone 8 is slow, there are software issues bogging it down. Software crashes, app issues, and limited storage space could all be slowing down your iPhone 8.

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What does Apple do with old iPhones?

You may be done with your device, but chances are it still has more to give. If it’s in good shape, we’ll help it go to a new owner, diverting electronic waste from landfills. If not, we’ll send it to our recycling partner, so we can save more precious materials and take less from the earth.

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Can iPhone 8 get 4G?

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus has now been configured for use of 4G networks.

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Can you turn off 5G on iPhone 8?

Open the Settings app and go to Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data. Here, you will see several options. You can set your iPhone to use 5G all the time, use it when it will not significantly reduce your battery life, or switch to 4G LTE speeds. Since you want to turn 5G off, tap on LTE.

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Why does my iPhone 8 say 5G?

AT&T customers with an iPhone 8 or newer will now see a new “5G E” symbol replace the “LTE” symbol on top-right corner of their phone screen. AT&T’s 5G E network is not true 5G. It’s AT&T’s LTE Advanced Pro network. Other carriers also have LTE Advanced Pro networks, but haven’t renamed them to anything resembling 5G.

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How old is my iPhone 8?

The phone settings

Go to ‘About Phone’ on Android or ‘About’ on iPhone and look for the serial number. Within this set of digits is your device’s year and month of manufacturing.

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What is the iPhone 8 original price?

iPhone 8 price history

Apple launched the iPhone 8 in 2017 at a retail price of $699 for 64GB and $849 for 256GB. The iPhone 8 colors include silver (white), gold (peach hue), and Space Gray (Apple’s version of black).

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Are old iPhones getting shut down?

Apple’s iOS 15 can only be installed on the iPhone 6S or later. So it should come as no surprise that millions of these older models are being phased out. In fact, Apple cut off support for the iPhone 6 two years ago with the release of iOS 13.

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Are old iPhones being discontinued?

After unveiling its next-gen products, tech giant Apple has discontinued older iPhones, including iPhone 11, 12 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. According to GizmoChina, the tech giant has replaced the outgoing Pro models with the launch of new Pro models in Apple’s iPhone lineup, like it does every year.

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