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Mobox Price Prediction: Is Mobox a Good Investment?

Mobox Price Prediction: Is Mobox a Good Investment?

Latest Mobox Price

Metric Last 24 Hours Trend
Net Social Media Sentiment 71.4% Steady

Mobox Price Prediction: Is Mobox a Good Investment?

MOBOX is a decentralized GameFi platform that integrates the best aspects of DeFi and NFTs. It aims to establish a “FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM.” MOBOX is committed to empowering users by rewarding them for their participation and enjoyment. The platform is community-driven, and developer-friendly, and promotes a unique NFT metaverse where different metaverses can be interconnected.

Main Features & Highlights

  1. Games & Listings: Some notable games listed include MODragon, MOMOverse, Clash of MOland, ChainZ Arena, MOland Defense, and Block Brawler.
  2. Project M: An upcoming 3D MMORPG Blockchain Game.
  3. MOBOX Fusion Hub: A multi-stage plan for 2023 includes connecting multiple public chains, building a multi-chain digital world, and establishing a multi-chain collaborative hub.
  4. MODragon NFTs: A series of AI-generated dragon NFTs that offer an immersive experience of hatching, battling, and nurturing dragons.
  5. MOBOX Universe: A decentralized metaverse allowing users to shape their own world and collaborate across various public chains.
  6. MOBOX Avatar 2.0: An enhanced digital version of user avatars with improved 3D models and features.
  7. Game Release Plan for 2023: MOBOX intends to release three high-tier games this year.
  8. MBOX Tokenomics Update: Includes a token burn and various strategies to enhance the MBOX experience for holders.
  9. MOBOX ChainGuard 2.0: A solution for Web 3.0 game users, offering features like NFT management and diverse payment options.
  10. MOMO Mart: A retail initiative merging the online and offline worlds, offering MOMO NFT collections and interactive store experiences.

Roadmap for 2023

  • Q1: Research and testnet deployment for a cross-chain solution.
  • Q2: Several actions including a token burn, tokenomics update, and game platform testing.
  • Q3: Launch of MOBOX 2.0 World Map and related gameplay.
  • Q4: Game releases and the launch of MOBOX Fusion Hub.

Platform Ethos
Traditional online entertainment platforms often benefit monetarily from users without providing tangible returns. In contrast, MOBOX aims to reward users for their engagement, thus redefining the typical user-platform relationship.

Smart Contracts & Transparency
MOBOX emphasizes transparency, providing a list of its Smart Contracts which have been audited by Certik, a renowned audit institution.

Platform Vision
MOBOX’s vision emphasizes the interconnectedness of NFT metaverses. Instead of singular metaverses, each should be connected, offering increased utility for NFTs across games and platforms.

Mobox Price Performance so far

  • Year to date (2023): -22.7%
  • Last 12 months: -62.7%
  • Since Launch: -82.2%

While Mobox may have a few good features, it hasn’t been a great investment so far.

Decentraland Mana Price Prediction

Mobox Price Predictions

Mobox Price Prediction Today

UTC: Feb 23rd, 2024 12:17 AM
  • Mobox Price Prediction in the next 24 hours is between $0.328 and $0.330
  • Mobox Price Prediction this week is between $0.309 and $0.351

UTC: Feb 23rd, 2024 03:57 AM

Overall Outlook Partially Bearish
1. Market’s Wisdom Partially Bearish
1a. Market Data Neutral
1b. Technical Recommendation Sell
2. Crowd’s Wisdom Neutral
2a. Social Media Buzz Steady
2b. Social Media Sentiment Steady

Mobox Price Prediction 2023-2030

  • Mobox Price Prediction 2023 is $0.334
  • Mobox Price Prediction 2024 is $0.558
  • Mobox Price Prediction 2025 is $0.835
  • Mobox Price Prediction 2026 is $1.13
  • Mobox Price Prediction 2027 is $1.42
  • Mobox Price Prediction 2028 is $1.98
  • Mobox Price Prediction 2029 is $2.75
  • Mobox Price Prediction 2030 is $4.01

Where to buy Mobox?

The Top exchanges are

  • Binance
  • TopcreditInt
  • DigiFinex
  • Bitunix
  • Bitexen

Note: collates Predictions and data from all over the net and has no in-house view on the likely trends in the Index or Individual Coins. Please consult a registered investment advisor to guide you on your financial decisions. 

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