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Additional Information

School Times
Key Stage 1
9.00am – 12.15 noon
1.15pm – 3.15pm

Key Stage 2
9.00am – 12.25pm
1.15pm – 3.15pm
No children should arrive at school before 8.45am, unless attending Breakfast Club or carried on transport provided by the County, and on arrival they should go directly to their classrooms. Only school transport may park on the zig-zag lines in front of the school, so that children have a clear view to cross the road. We recommend that parents and carers use the village hall car park as a stopping point, making the area immediately outside of the school less hazardous to the children.
Free transport is provided for all children who live more than three miles from the school if living within the school’s designated catchment area. Free transport is provided for children under the age of eight who live more than two miles from the school. Transport is sometimes granted on medical grounds or for children with a Statement of Additional Education Needs. Information can be obtained from the school.

If there is any occasion when your child is not going to return home on the school transport or is being collected by someone different please telephone or send a written message.
It is recommended by R.O.S.P.A. that children under the age of nine should not be on the road unsupervised. We endorse this recommendation, particularly given the busy traffic around the school at dropping off and picking up times, and ask that parents ensure bicycles are roadworthy and that their children ALWAYS wear a cycle helmet if riding to school. Bicycles are left at their owner’s risk and must be wheeled in and out of the school gate.
Collecting Children
When collecting your child please come into the playground or entrance area and wait. Please let us know if someone unknown to us is collecting your child. Children from Class 1 should be collected from the classroom. If for any reason you are delayed children are asked to wait in the entrance area. If children are not collected by 3.25pm they will be taken to the After School Club which is held in the school hall after each day. If you wish your child to use this facility further details are available from school.
School Uniform
Although not compulsory we encourage the adoption of school uniform. Our school colour is royal blue. School uniform is available to order online and delivered to you at home, website: It is essential to name everything that your child might take off as well as school bags, PE kit, swimming kit etc.
Children should not normally bring money, wear or bring jewellery to school. We strongly advise children to leave personal items, toys, games etc at home as we cannot guarantee their safe keeping and they often cause disagreements amongst the children. Exceptions are made if a child has just had a birthday or if items are related to ongoing school work. If older children are keen to wear a watch please ensure that it is named and that alarms are not set to disturb others. If ears are already pierced small studs are recommended rather than sleepers for safety reasons.
Clubs and Activities
During the year the following after school activities are usually available for the children depending on the time of year and the availability of support:- Recorders & Percussion, Instrument Tuition including violin, guitar and piano, Netball, Football, Cricket, Gymnastics, Hockey, Basketball, Country Dancing, Keep Fit, Computers and Art. These are run voluntarily by teachers and parents are usually available for Year 2 and above.
Wrap Around Care
Led by our Extended School Leader, Clare Jones, the school provides a Breakfast Club from 8.00am to 8.45am and an After School Club from 3.15pm to 5.30pm daily.


Breakfast Club - 8 am – 8.45am £3.50 (8 – 8.30am breakfast provided)
Early drop off - 8.30am – 8.45am £1.50

After School Club 3.15 – 5.30 pm
£3.50 per 45 minutes.
All children have the option of ordering a hot meal from a variety of menus. Four Forks Catering, our award winning school caterers, provide a healthy meal using locally sourced produce at a cost of £2.60 per day. Menus are sent out termly to be completed and returned with payment directly to Four Forks Catering.

Alternatively, children can bring their own packed lunch and eat it with the other children. All children sit together in the school hall to eat lunch. Parents who are on Income Support, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance are entitled to a free meal and need to see Angela Barber in the school office. Water is provided at lunchtimes and is available from the drinking fountain at all times.

The children are welcome to bring a healthy snack and their own water bottle to have during morning break. Please name the water bottles. We would rather children did not bring sweets to school.
Medical Checks
All children’s teeth are inspected regularly by the School Dentist, hearing and visual tests are held regularly. You will always be informed if your child is due for any checks.

First Aid and Emergencies
Basic first aid is available in each classroom and the disabled toilet. In case of a more serious accident all parents are asked to provide emergency contact numbers to enable them to be contacted as soon as possible and medical attention sought.

Children should not bring medicines to school. If your child needs to take medication in school it must be handed to your child’s teacher and a permission form completed.

Should bad weather or some other emergency occur you will be notified accordingly – usually broadcast on local radio station.
Availability of Information
Our main way of communicating with parents/carers is by weekly newsletter. A copy is given to each family and uploaded on to our website. Copies are also available from the school office. Minutes of PTFA and Governors meetings are also on display inside the office entrance. Please check regularly. DfES regulations require the school to make certain items of information available at the school to parents and the public. The school holds information on the following:-

* The LEA’s statement of curriculum policy and the Governing Body’s statement of curriculum aims.
* Any Statutory Instruments (including those for national curriculum subjects), circulars and administrative memoranda relating to powers and duties under the "curriculum" section of the Education Reform Act.
* Any published HMI Reports which refer explicitly to the school.
* Any schemes of work currently used by teachers in the school.
* Any syllabuses followed, including those for public examinations.
* A full copy of the arrangements for the consideration of complaints about the school curriculum made by the LEA.
* The LEA’s agreed syllabus for Religious Education.
* In the case of voluntary schools a copy of that part of the Trust Deed which deals with the provision of R.E. and any other written statement dealing with Religious Education, including any syllabus in use in the school.
* The school also holds copies of the prospectus and of the Governing Body’s Annual Report to Parents, which are available free to parents, on request, at the school.

Spaxton School holds a great deal of information, much of which is confidential. This may be information about our pupils, our pupils' parents or guardians, our governors, our teachers and other members of staff. If we hold information about you, we wish to assure you that we are processing the information fairly and lawfully and that we will inform you of the purposes for which we require the information when you supply it to us.
Safeguarding Children
The Headteacher makes sure that the Child Protection policies and practices that have been agreed with the Governing Body are put into place and used. The school has a designated person for child protection, Mrs Evans, who ensures that any pupil, member of staff or volunteer knows who to talk with in the school, if they have concerns about the welfare of a child. They help to promote an open environment within the school where staff can share concerns and work together with other agencies if necessary, to help resolve the matter.
If your child is absent the school should be notified by 9.15am. Similarly, please let us know if your child will be arriving late or leaving early and remember to sign in and out. Holidays taken during term time require authorisation and this is not an automatic right. Permission must be applied for in advance and must be for the purpose of an annual holiday that cannot be taken during the school holidays. Authorisation cannot be given for long weekends or other social occasions. Other absences will not be authorised unless they are for medical, educational or compassionate reasons.
By law (Education Act 1988) every Local Education Authority must have a set procedure by which parents can make a formal complaint about a school or the Local Education Authority. Below are some notes about the procedure.

Please see below if you have a complaint about the school either in general or particularly to do with the following:-

a. The provision of a curriculum, including religious education and worship, which meets the general requirements of the Act in sections 1 and 2 (see elsewhere for details of what we should be teaching);
b) The implementation of the national curriculum and compliance with Orders and Regulations made about its requirements and exceptions to its provision (section 4, 10 & 17);
c) Provision of religious education and worship as required by the Act and other enactments (sections 6-10 &12);
d) The need to act reasonably in deciding whether or not to be associated with application for exemption from all or part of the National Curriculum in order to carry out development work (section16);
e) In the case of a governing body, consideration of appeals by parents about temporary withdrawal of pupils from part or all of the provisions of the National Curriculum (section 19);
f) Operation of charging policies in relation to the curriculum (section 10a);
g) Compliance with regulations about the provision of information (section 22);
h) Compliance with any other enactments relating to the curriculum.

What to do

We hope that any complaint parents may have can be resolved by the school. Therefore any complaints, in the first instance, should normally be made to the Headteacher. It is hoped that in most cases complaints will be dealt with at this informal level. However, if attempts to solve complaints at a local level fail, there is an agreed LEA complaints procedure that should be followed.

If the complaint cannot be resolved at this local level (ie. with the Headteacher) the parent should submit his/her complaint in writing to the Clerk to the Governors, who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and inform the LEA that a complaint has been received. If the matter cannot be resolved by the Governing Body the complaint can be referred in writing to the Local Education Authority who will arrange for an investigation to take place.

We hope that any complaints can be resolved by the parent concerned discussing the matter with an appropriate member of staff and urge you to approach any member of staff or the Headteacher, as soon as possible, if you have a concern. If you require any further information on the Complaints Procedure, full details are available on request from the school office.

General Information

Spaxton Church of England School
High Street
Telephone: 01278 671409
Fax: 01278 671853

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Emergency Closure Procedures:

We do endeavour to keep the school open but in the case of severe weather, where it would be too dangerous for staff to be travelling in, we may need to close the school. If the school is to be closed you will be notified by text (about 7 am) and the information will be given out via the local radio and on the Somerset Learning Platform via Somerset County Council website. Please ensure we have an up to date mobile number. We will not be able to phone parents via land lines.

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